How To Remove A Bath Drain? All You Need To Know

Do you currently have a bath stopper that you’re looking to remove? Have you been trying to take it out, but have ultimately come up dry and unsuccessful? If that sounds like you, then you’re in luck because here at , we have the answers you need.


Below, you can read all about how you should be removing your bath stopper.

The Types of Bath Stoppers

If you want to remove your bath stopper, then first you should be aware of the different kinds of bath stoppers.

Toe Touch: These bath stoppers are gaining a lot of popularity recently because of their convenience. All you really have to do to plug your bathtub is to tap it with your toe or finger. With no time at all, you can begin filling your bathtub with water. If you want to understand how you should be taking your bath stopper out, then you should also know how it’s installed in the first place.

Usually, a toe touch bath stopper is threaded into the middle of the drain’s cross bar.

Push-Pull: While the toe touch bath stopper is great for convenience, the push-pull may be better. The only thing you need to do in order to close it is to push down on the stopper and if you want to open it, then you can just pull upward on it. To install the push-pull bath stopper, it’s rather easy because you only need a set screw and thread it in the cross bar of the drain, like you do with the toe touch. Flip-It: Everyone loves to install the flip-it bath stopper because, compared to other types, it is incredibly easy to install because there are no tools that are needed to install it. If you want to open and close the bath stopper then all you need to do is to move a toggle that is on the stopper. You can move it from side-to-side. If you want to install it then all you really have to do is to push it into the drain. There are O-Rings in the drain that will hold it in place properly.

Pop-Up: The pop-up drain is one that most people are familiar with because not only is it very common in households, but it also looks a lot like the classic sink drain that you’re accustomed to. There is usually a lever on the drain which allows you to open and close it by moving the linkage mechanism within it.

How to Remove the Bath Stoppers

Now that you’re familiar with the different kinds of bath stoppers, you can learn how to take out your bath drain, yourself.

1.Toe Touch Bath Stopper

When you go to remove this bath stopper, you’ll want to have a Flathead screwdriver on-hand.

Step One: The first thing you need to do when you’re removing this bath stopper is to open the stopper as if you’re draining it of water.

Step Two: Turn counter-clockwise. When you’re doing this, make sure you hold the shaft cylinder so that you have better grip. You don’t want to move the entire stopper; rather, you want to rotate the top counter-clockwise. Once you’ve turned it, you can unscrew it until it is unthreaded, which will then allow you to remove it from the drain.

Step Three: With tome toe touch stoppers, unscrewing and unthreading the stopper will only result in you removing the very top layer of the bath plug. If this happens, then make sure you unscrew the entire cap.

Step Four: Here, you’ve unscrewed the top cap of your drain. You can then unscrew the shaft cylinder to take out the threaded post screwed from the stainer in the cross bar.

2.Push-Pull Bath Stopper

When you’re removing this bath stopper, you’ll need the following materials: Flathead screwdriver, a clean rage, and pliers.

You can remove these bath stoppers whether it’s in the closed or opened position.

Step One: There’s a little knob at the end of your stopper which allows you to open and close the stopper. You need to remove this. To best do so, hold the stopper in place using one of your hands and unscrew the knob with a counter-clockwise twist.

Step Two: You can now unscrew the brass-insert that is positioned in the middle of the stopper to hold it together. Take a Flathead screwdriver to do this and unscrew it counter-clockwise, or to the left.

Step Three: Remove the brass insert and remove the entire stopper.

3.Flip-It Bath Stopper

This is the easiest bath stopper for you to remove because just like the way you installed it, you won’t need any tools to remove it. There is only one step to remove it.

The only step: If you want to remove this bath stopper, then you need to understand how it is held in place. There are O-rings which hold it in place. You simply need to hold onto the large body and move it counter-clockwise or clockwise and upward at the same time. If this doesn’t work right away or if the stopper appears to be a little bit too tight then you can try to wiggle it around a little.

4.Pop- Up Bath Stopper

Here, you’ll need a bucket and a clean rag.

These are a little bit more difficult to take out because the bath stopper is being held in place by a mechanism within the faceplate. There are different ways in which this bath stopper is made; for example, there can be a trip lever that either moves up and down or left to right. Most of them, however, have a faceplate that rotates.

Step One: Open your bath stopper. Depending on how your bath stopper is made, you might have to try a few different things to open it. You could, for example, have to rotate it counter-clockwise, or you could try to flip the lever.

Step Two: Because these bath stoppers vary so much in style, it can be hard to know exactly how you should be taking them out. You can try pulling straight upward, because this is how some of them are removed; however, you can also try wiggling it back and forth as you do.

There might also be a rocker arm on the bath drain, which means you’ll have to pull upward and horizontally to the side. You should be aware that this process often causes soap, water, and grime to spread along your bathtub while you’re removing it, so have a towel on hand to clean it up if you need to.


Taking out a bath plug can be incredibly difficult because there are so many out there and often, we don’t even know the kind of plug we have so we can’t search methods of removing it on search engines. That being said, you’re in luck because at, we care about how your house is maintained.

Above, you can read the steps that we’ve provided you with because it’ll make your entire experience much easier and it’ll save you a lot more time.

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