How To Make A Sofa Bed More Comfortable? All You Need To Know

Whenever visitors come to your home, you always wonder where they are going to sleep especially if it is a sleepover. Most people get the thought of buying an extra bed in case visitors come to visit. Nevertheless, this would be a great option for individuals with bigger houses and additional bedrooms.


For people who have smaller homes, do not give up for there is still hope for you. When looking for a good bed that your guests can sleep on, consider buying a sofa bed. During the day it will act as a good comfortable seat that everyone can sit on, but immediately the lights go off, it turns into an excellent bed.

You can also use this sofa bed when you are sick or when you prefer to stay warm during the day.

Although these sofa beds make good beds, most people think that they are suitable for sleeping use always. Nevertheless, that is not true. They can be very uncomfortable if you get used to them. They also wear and tear as you use it regularly.

Fortunately, there are ways in which you can make these sofa beds comfortable for your visitors. In this article, we will reveal the hidden secrets that you did not know about.

Choosing A Sofa Bed

• Consider your living room spaceRather than you bring home something that will not fit your house, you should first know how much space your house has. Experts insist that you buy a futon or loveseat for smaller spaces. These seats utilize smaller spaces within your living room.

• Consider the style that you want your sofa bed to adapt to

With a few consultations from your interior designer, understand which sofa bed will come to improve the look in your home. Not destroy it. You can also consider the color of the sofa bed to match with everything else in your living room. Also, put in mind where you are going to place the sofa bed.

Turning That Sofa Into A Comfortable Bed

Once you have brought home that new sofa bed, it is time to know how you will make it cozy for everyone that sleeps on it.

1. Buy A Good New Mattress

Settling on an old mattress for your sofa bed is not a good idea. Mattresses can wear out; store a lot of dirt, parasites, and fungi including many other things.

This can be disgusting for your incoming guests and may result to unwanted insomnia or diseases, which is contrary to the experience of a well-spent day with friends/family. Also, for people with back pains or any other pains, it can be difficult to sleep.

Others would want to dodge the expense of buying a new mattress by settling with an old mattress. However, buying a new mattress can perfectly enhance comfortability. Make sure that the mattress you buy is easily foldable to keep it from damage when the time to store it comes.

Also, when purchasing one, it is nice to ensure that it is firm and thick. This is good for people with back problems or even heavier people. Additionally, a memory foam mattress is also a good idea because it molds according to the sleeper’s body shape.

2. Purchase A Mattress Topper

Mattress toppers help to cushion your body as well as provide the necessary support that you need while sleeping. It also contributes to giving protection from materials on the pillow that can cause allergies.

When sleeping on a sofa bed, you do not want to wake up in the middle of the night from the noise that the mattress produces when turning. Therefore, this topper helps to reduce that noise.

Additionally, they can increase comfortability and reduce pain for people with back problems. They also assist the body to retain the heat as their density acts as a good thermal conductor.

It also helps you to keep your mattress clean. In this case, you are sleeping on top of the topper hence it is the dirt recipient.

Invest on a thicker mattress topper as it can help make your old mattress more comfortable.

3. Buy Extra Cushions

You can have as many cushions as you desire. You can use these cushions to support your back as you sit on the sofa bed during the day.

At night, you can turn them into comfortable pillows that you can sleep on. There is also no restriction in which size to buy. Make sure you also buy cover sheets for the pillows. If you do not have any sheet, you can borrow one of your t-shirts and use them to cover the pillows.

You can also use these pillows to fill in the gaps between the mattress and the seat. You can just place the pillows on top of each other to help keep the bed flat such that the mattress does not bend on one side. This can be beneficial for people with backaches as well.

4. Store The Beddings Properly

Most people think that folding up the bedding and putting them on the seat is proper. This is not advisable because you will end up sitting on the bedding hence, ruin the mattress and the sheets. It can also make the sofa uncomfortable, as you will have people sitting on it during the day.

To prevent such, make sure that when you wake up from the sofa bed, fold everything and store them in a safe place: a clean place to be precise. Ensure that the place you store them does not have any dust that may affect you during sleep the following night.

5. Wash The Sheets Regularly

Dust and debris that attach to the sheets can cause the flu, and hence your visitors will not appreciate that you gave them a dirty bed to sleep on. Make sure you vacuum the sheets regularly to keep them in check.

It is also good to clean the sheets immediately the visitors leave your home. Make sure that you wash them with hot water and use a good laundry detergent as well. Additionally, make sure that the bedding’s quality is top notch so that you can use them for longer.

Instead of using blankets, embark on using a duvet. The reason I prefer them to blankets is that duvets are artistic. You can purchase one that matches with the theme in your home. They are also thicker hence able to retain heat for longer.

6. Make Sure You Flip The Mattress Regularly

Mattresses tend to deteriorate in quality when you sleep on them for longer. Therefore, it is advisable to change the sides periodically. For example, you can change its lower side every 3 months to prevent the development of lumps that reduce comfortability as you sleep.

Buy a new mattress after some few years of use. However, if you sleep on the mattress regularly, then you will have to buy a new one more often than when you do not use it daily.


There you have it, friends. Follow the advice, and for sure, you will love your sleeping experience from today.We desire to know what you think about the article. Please share your thoughts in the comments section, and we will be glad you did so.You can also share the article with your friends if you liked it.

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