7 Ways On How To Keep Furniture From Sliding On Wood Floors

Have you been considering tearing out the carpets in your house and replacing them with wooden flooring? If so, know that in doing this, you will be cutting down on maintenance in a big way because all of those spills and messes will suddenly be so much easier to clean up. For this reason, many believe that the conversion is, without question, a great move.


But if you are hesitating to change your carpets to wooden flooring because you are concerned that placing furniture on wood may make things so slippery that you will feel like you are living on a skating rink, worry no more.

In this article, we will discuss the most effective ways to keep your furniture from sliding on your new wooden floors and, as a result, protect them from scratches and noticeable damage.


To avoid sliding around every time you hop on the couch and to learn how to protect hardwood floors from furniture scratches and scuffs, trust in grippers to solve all of your slippery furniture woes. These little pads are a revolutionary invention. They are incredibly simple, and also, incredibly effective.

On the one side of the pads, there is a textured surface that is slide-proof, and on the other side there is an adhesive surface that is meant to stick to your furniture.

So the only thing you are required to do in order for them to work is to stick them on and voilà, problem solved.

Also, you can find grippers at almost any store and, for your convenience, a pack usually includes a variety of sizes and shapes so that you can choose the ones that are most suitable for the furniture you are wanting to stabilize. Be sure to get your hands on them as they are the cheapest and quickest solution to making your furniture stay put.

Rubber Furniture Feet

This option is slightly costlier than grippers, but also more durable. While grippers have a tendency to sometimes wear-out or eventually slip off, rubber furniture feet can be screwed into any couch, even your best leather sofa! So if you want something that is sturdy and long-lasting, this is definitely one of the better solutions available.

​Rubber Mesh

This material can be purchased at any hardware store for very little money. It usually comes in relatively large sheets and must therefore be cut and fitted to your furniture in order to be effective. Be sure to discuss with a hardware store representative the best rubber meshes available to keep your furniture from sliding on your wooden flooring.


Another highly popular solution to keeping your furniture from sliding on your wooden floors and causing damage is the purchase of a rug. This option can be most attractive as it can add a lot of character to a room and, in reason of the wide range available in rug colors and designs, you can be sure that, no matter your tastes, you will stumble on a rug that is perfectly suited for you.

​Also, adding a splash of color with a rug may be the perfect contrast needed to make your wooden flooring stand out. And if you find that the texture of your dream rug does not seem to help your situation as it also slides around, simply purchases a grip pad to place in between your rug and the wooden floor to solve this problem.

​Double-Sided Carpet Tape

This option can be found at most hardware stores and is very effective, but keep in mind that it has been known to damage the varnish on wooden floors. It is therefore only recommended that you use double-sided carpet tape on furniture or appliances that you do not foresee moving.

​​Make-Up Pads

For all of you that thought these pads were only useful for removing make-up, think again. This is an inexpensive way of protecting your wooden floors. Simply glue them to your furniture and reap the benefits from having done so. It's just that simple.

DIY Solutions

DIY solutions basically come down to finding anything you can get your hands on around the house that is either textured, sticky or will provide some form of traction. But, that being said, you must be cautious not to get anything that is too sticky, such as super-glue, as that could possibly damage your floor.

An example of a great DIY solution is rubber balloons. Give it a try and be amazed at how well they work!


In order to keep your wooden floors looking their best, it is important that you understand how to prevent scratches and scuffs from developing. Use the tips mentioned in this article to learn how to protect hardwood floors from furniture.

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