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Expert Tips for Sharpening Your Serrated Knife Under 10 Minutes

Of what use is a serrated knife that is unable to cut? The last time I tried to cut something using my serrated knife, I realized it was dull. Really dull! I had to use a lot of force to cut through the meat. In addition, instead of cutting, it was tearing the food. Due to its distinctive edge shape, I could not sharpen the knife as I do the other regular ones. Did you know that a dull blade is a real safety hazard?

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5 Tomato Puree Substitutes That You Can Make At Home

Tomatoes are vegetables (and fruits) rich in vitamins and minerals that our body needs for proper functioning. Other than this, tomatoes offer great flavor and color to our foods and that is why you should not afford to cook any type of food without tomatoes.

In this article, we want to put our focus on the tomato puree substitutes. However, before that let us talk about the puree itself.

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How To Clean Your Kitchen Cabinets Using Vinegar?

Keeping your kitchen cabinets clean is one massive task that everyone struggles with. Most people do not remember that these kitchen cabinets need constant cleaning just like your laundry and kitchen floor.

For instance, dirt like grease and dust builds up on these wooden platforms. This dirt accumulates over time and leaves you wondering how you will eliminate that dirt without scraping off the finish.

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