A Detailed Review Of The 5 Best Toilets In The Industry Of 2017

When you are shopping for a toilet, how do you know which one to take home? The industry is growing fast, and the options at your disposal are uncountable. This is why we have compiled a definitive guide of the best toilets to give you a head start.


**Below, you'll find our reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

How to Choose the Best Toilet

When buying a toilet, you need to get one that fits your requirements. Thus, it is imperative that you understand toilet basics and how each will affect your experience in the bathroom.


We all experience different levels of comfort on a toilet depending on the height and level of physical ability. You will love to know that there are toilets designed to cater even for the physically challenged. These toilets have their bowls fitted at 17 to 19 inches high whereas the usual ones have their bowls at 15 inches high. It is prudent to confirm the toilet’s height if you are buying for taller, elderly or disabled people.


A toilet is one of the long-term investments in your household. A wise buyer should ascertain that the material used to make the toilet they want to buy is durable. Again, the finishes of the toilet need to be done from lasting materials; a permanent toilet should still look great as time passes.


The toilet seat is a crucial accessory which tends to be left out by many as they do toilet research and shopping. You will realize that sometimes, the seat is not included with your purchase. Thus, before paying for a toilet, it may be a good idea to go through the feature list. Also, be sure to explore various seat options including, standard, heated and soft close to enhance your bathroom experience.

Rim cleaning

You cannot afford to compromise on toilet cleanliness. The toilet rim is one area that is notorious for harboring dirt. Therefore, a primary consideration before purchasing a toilet should be how easily the rim cleans. You will find some rims with holes to allow water movement through them for thorough cleaning. Other toilet brands allow direct flow of water into the bowl, and others utilize both measures to enhance rim cleaning. The toilet’s specs should tell you how the rim is modified to ensure better cleaning.

Saving Water

Some toilet brands will help you use water more sparingly than others. Various brands joining the industry provide a dual flush system which can help you reduce your water consumption by up to 25%. This system provides two flush buttons; one for draining solids and the other for liquids. To save you water, the liquid flush button uses half the water required to eliminate solids. You may also want to consider high-efficiency toilets which are said to save up to 4,000 water gallons per person annually.

Types of Toilets

There are two major types of toilets;

• One piece

• Two piece

The one piece is toilet is a newcomer in the market and is trailing in popularity to the two piece model. However, no major differences exist between the two, save for the fact that the one piece is an all-inclusive model. One piece toilets are a good option if you are looking to save some space in your bathroom. Another impressive feature about the one piece toilet is that is easy to clean. First, because it has no hard to reach spots and secondly being it is closer to the ground which makes getting down to clean easier.

Regarding price, a two piece toilet may be cheaper compared to a one piece model.

Toilet Flushing Systems

Toilet flush systems can be put into four categories;

• Dual flush- Although new to the scene, dual flush toilets are quickly taking over the industry. As aforementioned, this design is great because it offers the consumer an option between a full flush to drain solid waste and a partial flush to remove liquids. The partial flush comes in handy to save up to 25% of your average water consumption. Another essential perk of the dual flush toilet is that despite the water efficiency, it does not consume power.

• Pressure assisted flush- This is also a product of modern technology. It uses pressurized water and air from a detached tank and forces it into the toilet bowl for cleaning. Due to the pressure released with this flushing system, such toilets are more susceptible to clogging. Although toilets with this flushing system can be noisy, some people consider it a worthy tradeoff for the additional power.

• Gravity Flush- This flushing method is quite popular as it is perhaps the cheapest there is. It utilizes a simplistic design where water is released from the tank into the toilet bowl by gravity. This siphoning action also makes gravity flush very quiet.

• Double cyclone flush- Currently, only a few manufacturers are making their toilets with this specific flushing system. The double cyclone technology poses an advantage over the dual flush system since even less flushing water is spent. Additionally, it prevents your toilet from getting clogged since it provides the same flushing force you would anticipate from a standard flush.

Additionally, unlike the norm toilets which use rim holes, the double cyclone has two nozzles for siphoning water through a propulsion system to create a highly efficient flushing system.

Types of Toilet Bowls

The leading household toilets come in two bowl forms;

• Round

• Elongated

Toilets with an elongated bowl are designed primarily with comfort in mind while the round bowled toilets lean toward saving space. If you have a child who just left the potty, you may consider purchasing a toilet with a round bowl.

Top 5 Best Toilets Reviews

**Below, you'll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

People are spoilt for choice regarding choosing a toilet. With such a broad range of products to choose from, specific requirements to observe and a budget to adhere to, we understand the predicament. Below is an individual review of some of the finest toilets available on the market.


The Neorest 700H is designed for luxury and eco friendliness. It is an integrated product featuring a toilet and an advanced bidet which utilizes built-in automatic and remote control functions. Some of the comforts include a hands-free automated flush and a temperature-controlled heated seat.

Other features include Toto’s double cyclone flushing method, and SanaGloss, their ion-barrier technology that keeps bacteria and stains away from the toilet’s surface. Moreover, it has eWater+ technology which also enhances the toilet bowl’s hygiene. 

Their wonderwave spray is a fantastic feature as it employs a combination of warm moisture to wet the bowls surface to prevent waste from adhering to the surface. Also, the warm water is used in the operation of the bidet and also to flush the toilet. The warm air dryer comes in handy to leave you dry and refreshed.

​In compliance with the ADA standards, the toilet seat is accessible to all users regardless of the age or level of physical ability. You may also love the fact that the Neorest 700H flushing system is not affected by the pressure of the water in your building; it doesn’t matter whether you live in a top flat. Cotton white is the only color for the Neorest 700H.


The Toto brand is a force to reckon with in this industry. Their product the Ultramax II is a favorite for a good number of reasons. First, for those who love to explore color, this product comes in cotton white, colonial white, bone and Sedona beige. It is a high efficiency one piece toilet with a double cyclone flushing system that uses 1.28 gallons per flush. It comes with a tank cover, chrome-plated trip lever, fitting s and a soft close seat. Apart from saving water, its flushing system is quiet and also makes cleaning easier.

​Another salient feature of the product is Toto’s SanaGloss; a technology which utilizes an ion barrier to prevent mold, bacteria or debris of any kind from sticking to the toilet’s ceramic. Since your toilet will be staying cleaner for longer, you can use less cleaning detergents which are also environmental friendly.

​The Ultramax II is compliant with the ADA’s prerequisites on the height which makes it excellent for both elderly and disabled. Their soft close seat is a product of modern technology which features molded bumpers, a comfortable ergonomic design and also high gloss polypropylene which makes it resistant to chemicals. What’s more, the high-impact plastic used to make the seat reduces injury and the annoying sound produced when the seat slams onto the toilet.

​The toilet measures 28.3”×16.6”×28.8”, weighs 99 pounds and comes with a one-year warranty.


The American Champion 4 is available in white, bone and linen colors. It is a one piece toilet with an elongated bowl for added comfort. One major attribute of this brand is its ability to flush the heavy loads due to its wide trap way; this puts an end to toilet clogging.

According to a maximum performance test performed on various toilet brands, the American Champion had the highest rating. The test revealed that the American champion could flush up to a 1000g of waste.

Equipped with a 4-inch flush valve, this toilet can flush water faster than the standard toilets while only spending 1.6 gallons for every flush. The American Champion also boasts an antimicrobial EverClean surface which prevents adherence of bacteria, mold, or development of permanent stain. The American Champion 4 is made from vitreous china which is long-lasting and beautiful to the eye.

When you buy the American Champion 4, you have the assurance of a 10-year guarantee. It weighs 119 pounds and measures 32.1”×30.5”×20.9”. This toilet can be used even by a disabled person as it complies with ADA height regulations. Be sure to shop for a separate elongated toilet seat as it is not included with the purchase of the American champion 4.


The Kohler Santa Rosa is a one piece toilet that comes in a variety of colors including black, white, biscuit, almond, sand bar, ice gray and dune which makes it ideal for any décor you may have in your bathroom. Its chair height design makes it comfortable for users with bad backs and anyone else who wants more ease sitting and standing from the toilet seat.

The Kohler Santa Rosa is a one piece toilet that comes in a variety of colors including black, white, biscuit, almond, sand bar, ice gray and dune which makes it ideal for any décor you may have in your bathroom. Its chair height design makes it comfortable for users with bad backs and anyone else who wants more ease sitting and standing from the toilet seat.

The exterior features smooth curves which ease the cleaning process since there are no hard to reach parts.

The Santa Rosa is easy to install and requires the standard 12-inch rough-in to mount. Anyone with basic DIY skills should do it. It is light, weighing at 102 pounds which makes it easy to lift around during installation. It is also quite small, measuring 18.8''×27.8''×28.2'' making it ideal if you want to save on space.

When you buy the Kohler Santa Rosa, look out for a 1-year warranty, and you don’t have to worry about purchasing a separate lid for this one.


The Niagara Stealth is a two piece toilet with an elongated bowl that offers a combination of comfort, value, and efficiency.

First, it appears at the bottom level of the cost scale, uses only 0.8 gallons for every flush and its elongated bowl is comfortable while the toilet occupies less extra floor space. One of its best features; where it gets the name ‘stealth’ is that no one in the house will hear the toilet flush. Its efficiency in flushing has earned a classification with no other toilet in the industry of being an ultra-high efficiency toilet (U-HET).

The toilet utilizes a pressure assisted flushing mechanism that causes a vacuum in the trap way which siphons the waste down the drain after pulling the flush lever. The Niagara Stealth is also Water Sense certified which means, upon buying this toilet, you may qualify for a rebate depending on your locality. It is also approved by the ADA, but you have to acquire the toilet seat separately which also means that you will have two shipments that may arrive at different times.

You may not like that this toilet does not provide bolts for mounting on the floor. However, its competitive price and ultra-high efficiency will save you some cash you can use elsewhere.

Final Thoughts​

As a potential customer looking to buy one of the best toilets, this guide has saved you tons of research and headache. These are the top five rated toilets that meet most of the needs out there. No matter which product you choose from this list, you have yourself a world-class toilet for your household or workspace.

The market is changing by the day, and more customers are being called upon to embrace the changes. Upgrading your bathroom has never come at a better time. Hopefully, this guide will give you a head start as you venture into the market for a new toilet.

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