10 Best Handheld Shower Head 2017 – Reviews and Comparison

Showers, as compared to bathtubs, offer an easy way of cleaning your body. The shower drains all the dirt from your body quickly.

On the other hand, bathing your kids and pets in the shower is difficult.


This is why hand-held shower heads are suitable installations because of their flexibility. You can now wash your child, pet or even a person with moving issues as you move the shower head directly to the part that you want to clean.

In this article, we will examine the best handheld shower heads in the market. Be sure to stick around.

**Below, you'll find our reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

How to Choose the Best Hand Held Shower Head

1. A Good Hand Held Shower Head Does Not Change the Water Temperature When Using It

As much as saving water is important, shower heads with low pressure can sprinkle cold water. The water reaches your body while it is cold.

Thus, it is important to choose a sprayer that will provide the proper temperature that your body needs.

2. A Good Shower Head Reduces the Amount of Water That the Shower Releases

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, EPA, shower heads should be able to conserve water. In fact, they state that it should have a flow rate of 2.5 gallons per minute. This is contrary to the 5.5 gallons per minute that most shower heads would release initially.

Other companies have been able to manufacture shower heads that can release as low as 1.5 gallons per minute.

As much as the water released should give small amounts of water, it is mandatory that the shower head should release a good amount of pressure.

3. Should be Easy to Adjust From One Spray Mode To Another

There are different shower heads in the market with various spray patterns. Nonetheless, there are shower heads that produce one consistent spray. If you buy one with different spray modes, then adjusting from one spray mode should be easy.

4. A Good Shower Head Should be Durable

Consider the finish. Remember that there is a lot of moisture left in the shower room. You do not want a situation where the shower head corrodes after using it for a few months. Make sure you consider the finish before you settle on a particular shower head.

Additionally, a good shower head should not leak or even break quickly.

5. A Good Shower Is Easy To Install

Buy a shower head that you will not have to call in your plumber to do it for you. This makes it cost effective. However, try to get some advice from your plumber for better installation.

Benefits of Hand Held Shower Heads

  • You can wash your kids and old people with ease. You just have to remove it from its dock and direct it to the area of the body you want to reach
  • You can use the shower heads even when you have fixed it on its dock. When you are tired of moving it around, just mount it on the dock.
  • These shower heads make it easy to clean your body even when you have low water pressure
  • You can quickly wash the area around your bathtub with ease
  • They are easy to adjust to lower water pressure hence suitable for people with sensitive skins
  • Instead of buying a dog washer, you can wash the dog using a shower head.

Types of Hand Held Shower Heads

You will find two types of shower heads in the market.

1. Single setting shower heads: These shower heads will only have one streaming pattern.

2. Multi setting shower heads

These shower heads will let you adjust the way water sprays from the shower head into different patterns. These include massage, mist, wide streaming, narrow streaming, pulsing, and a waster saving spray.

How to Use Hand Held Shower Heads

You can use them to clean:

  • Your shower window screens
  • Your shower walls and the area within your bathtub
  • Washing your kids

Address the Controversy

Many people refuse to agree which is better to use: the tub or the shower. The hand held shower is a good intermediary to these two as you can use it while you or the baby sits in the bathtub.

On the other hand, one reason why you should avoid a bathtub is that the body particles that your body releases do not fall into the shower drain immediately. In fact, it is unhealthy because you wash your body with the particles your body releases.

A shower will pour out the particles into the drain, and hence you bathe yourself with clean water.

Before Installing the Hand Held Shower Head

To prevent water loss, ensure that you turn the faucets off. Otherwise, when you remove the existing showerhead, the water might pour on you. Do not shut the water supply.

Consider the height of the shower head. This is because you want to make sure that the height of the hand shower is long enough.

Additionally, ensure that you put in mind where you will mount the shower head. Mount it on an easy to reach level.

Top 10 Best Hand Held Shower Head Reviews

**Below, you'll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

This showerhead has a nickel finish hence the shower head is durable. The showerhead has 6 spray settings that you can choose from. You can change how water flows depending on your preference.

The shower head has the recommended water flow of 2.5 gpm. Additionally, water pours through the shower head with a consistent pressure.


  • It is easy to install. In fact it comes with an installation guide
  • Does not corrode
  • You can adjust the water pressure depending on your preference
  • Easy to change from one spray system to another
  • You can stretch the steel hose. Thus, it is long enough


  • Water pressure can cause the head difficult to handle

This hand held shower head comes with free tools that you can use for installation. Also, manufacturers have included a guide for easy installation process.

The shower had has 5 spray systems that you can use. It also consists of two shower heads that you can use alternatively or at the same time. The hose is made from stainless steel hence difficult to rust.


  • It has 2 shower heads which you can use at the same time
  • Does not rust
  • It comes with installation guide. Therefore it is easy to install
  • Free tools are provided including a plumber’s tape
  • You can save water with the water saving economy rain spray mode


  • The movable shower head becomes loose after sometime
  • Water pressure is low

This hand held shower head provides the necessary pressure. The pressure is useful especially when you want the water to massage your body.

Install it where the pipe would produce low pressure. It helps to deal with the problem adequately. The shower head’s material is plastic made.


  • It can help to deal with low water pressure that comes from the pipe
  • Sprays water with a high pressure
  • It can help to massage your body
  • It conserves a lot of water


  • Low amounts of water sprays out of the shower head 
  • The cord corrodes after sometime

The hand shower is 7 inches tall. You can adjust the arm to whichever angle you prefer when it is mounted. The arm also has an ergonomic that prevents slipping when using it.

It has a 6 spray system designed to perform a number of activities such as pulsating massage and rain massage. The shower is also easy to install and cleaning it will not be a job for you.


  • Comfortable when holding it
  • You can also use it while it is mounted
  • Easy to install
  • It has a chrome finish that makes it difficult to rust
  • The hose is long


  • The other wand has low pressure
  • The hand of the shower head keeps falling when mounted

Finding a hand shower that does not fall when mounted is now possible. This shower hand uses a magnetic dock that keeps the hand in its place.

The shower head consists of 6 spray system that you can use and adjust the pressure as well. Also, it has a brushed nickel finish that keeps corrosion, water spots and fingerprints away from the shower head.


  • The hose is long enough to reach low areas with ease
  • Durable and easy to clean
  • Does not fall when mounted
  • It saves water
  • It has different spray systems


  • The handle is small
  • The shower head never stays in a straight direction

You can use the shower head both when mounted and as you hold it. It also has 6 spray settings that you can use with various needs. You can also stop the water from flowing when not using the hose with the water saving pause mode.

You can adjust the arm of the shower depending on the angle you want to use it. Its finish is stainless steel with brash connection nuts included. You will only need a few minutes to install the shower head.


  • It does not corrode
  • It is flexible
  • It is aesthetic
  • It can prevent excessive water loss
  • Easy to install


  • Low pressure
  • Will break if it falls

This showerhead will function well whether the water comes out in high or low pressure. It consists of 6.6 ft hose that has a stainless steel finish.

You can simply wash an elderly person as he/she sits on a stool or bathtub. This is because it has an ergonomic handle that is flexible for such purposes. Therefore, washing your children and pets will be enjoyable.

Because of the length of the hose, it is now easy for you to clean your bathtub.


  • The hose is long
  • Does not corrode
  • Easy to install
  • It is not dependent on the water pressure available
  • The nozzles do not clog


  • The pressure is not enough for some people
  • Washers can easily break

Manufacturers recommend this shower head for people who want to get a good massage. This can be associated with the kind of massage you get in a spa.

This shower head has a 60 inch long hose. You can use to clean your bathroom with ease. It is durable because the chrome finish does not allow rust to form on the shower head.


  • It has a long hose
  • Does not corrode
  • You do not need any tools for installation
  • 5 different spray systems to choose from
  • Massages your body


  • It falls from its holder hence not safe for use

This is a great tool that you can use for a spa or even at home. The shower head consists of a 5 inch hose, made of stainless steel and flexible.

It consists of a 7 spray system that you can use to massage your body. You can use the shower head either while holding it or as an overhead bracket.


  • Flexible hose that is long
  • Brush nickel finish makes it difficult to rust
  • Installing the shower head takes a short time
  • It has a soft handle


  • Shower head is heavy
  • It can fall down from the handle. Thus, breaks easily

You can use this shower head to clean your children and pets in the bathtub. This is because the steel hose can stretch up to two inches. The hose is 5 inches when not outstretched.

The face of the shower is made from ABS. It prevents hard water and any other dirt from sticking on the shower head. Therefore, it will not be difficult to clean the showerhead.


  • Easy to clean and install
  • It does not corrode
  • It is flexible because it can stretch up to 7 inches 
  • It can operate even water flows with low pressure
  • It can prevent excessive water loss


  • Does not have a lot of spray systems for selecting
  • Water pressure can hurt someone if it is high


Hand held shower heads make your bathing experience. You can use this guide so that you do not purchase something that will not last for long.

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