Top 10 Best Folding Chairs That You Need To Get This Year (In 2017)

Initially, a king used a folding chair as his throne seat. Unlike today where these chairs are made of various materials, ancient people used wood to make these great tools.

Also, Christians used folding chairs to help set up churches quickly. This was because persecution was rampant. Therefore, it was easy to fold back these chairs when the persecutors came to arrest them.


As time went by, these chairs have gained popularity, and you will find them on almost all occasions. Therefore, it is important for us to review these folding chairs.

In this article, we will examine the best folding chairs in the market so that you will not be stranded the next time you are out there shopping for a folding chair.

​**Below, you'll find our reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

What Is This Product?

You will find these folding chairs almost everywhere. In homes, occasions, school events such as graduation ceremonies, a wedding, burial, and offices.

You just fold these chairs when you are not using them. This minimizes the space used during storage.

Another reason why users prefer these chairs is that they weigh less than ordinary chairs. This makes it easy to carry and arrange as well.

When Do You Need These Folding Chairs?

  • When you have an overflow of guests in your home, you can introduce these chairs in either your living room or dining room.
  • These chairs can help to set up a venue quickly.
  • Folding chairs are suitable for individuals who wish to have a wedding garden. These chairs can make your wedding ceremony look aesthetic.
  • You can also use these chairs in case you have a picnic. If it is out in the park or an outdoor meeting, you can set these seats. For example, you can carry these chairs when going for a camp or hike.

Benefits and Harms



  • It is easy to set up and fold chairs
  • They are light to carry hence you take less time in arranging a venue. You can also carry them in your car’s trunk
  • They are available for different classes of people
  • They take little space when stored
  • Folding chairs can damage if they are not properly stored. For instance, folding chairs made of metal usually rust if exposed to moisture.
  • Prolonged folding can cause the furnishing to fade away and make the various parts loose
  • They can break easily especially if heavy people sit on these chairs
  • They can be difficult to clean if dust creeps onto the seats. This can cause dangerous allergies to people who sit on them

How To Choose The Best Folding Chairs

Ensure that you pick the best quality that suits your need.

So, when buying a folding chair, what do you intend to buy? Do you just fall in love with any seat? Or do you buy something that will be worth your money?

1. Material

See it that you know which stuff to pick. For instance, some material may disintegrate during adverse weather conditions. The leather material is a good example. This seat usually cracks when exposed to some heat hence a bad option for outdoor uses.

An iron material may corrode if exposed to excessive humid conditions. Therefore, it is essential that the chair’s material quality is high so that it will last long.

2. Comfortability

Comfortability is also key when choosing a good chair. Some materials used to make these chairs can be uncomfortable. Thus, you cannot use the seat for long.

Therefore, ensure that you test it out before you purchase so that you can feel how well you can turn while sitting on it. This is because it can cause back pains if the user is not comfortable.

3. The Price Indicated

When purchasing a new set of folding chairs consider how much you are willing to spend.

Do not be extravagant. Make sure that you buy something that is within your budget. Do not spend more or less.

4. Size Needed

For people with less space in their garden consider buying smaller sizes. This is because it will not use up a lot of space in your store.

Also, discourage yourself from buying light folder chairs. This will be crucial so that you can buy seats that accommodate bigger people.

5. Decide Your Storing Space

This may not look as important. However, you need some space to store up these chairs for efficient maintenance.

You can decide that you will buy hand-hanging carts, stacking and standing carts so that you can help in transporting them from one place to another.

Top 10 Best Folding Chairs Reviews

**Below, you'll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

1. Cosco Resin 4-Pack Folding Chair

​This folding chair gives you an experience like no other. The chairs are easy to fold. In fact, you fold them until they are flat. This makes it easy to store and uses less space for storage.

This item is durable. Therefore, you will not require a replacement within a short time of use. They have been made with high-quality steel that does not rust easily. Thus, you can use these chairs on an outdoor and indoor event.

Personally, I purchased several of these several years back. I am still using them until date.

On the other hand, the chair will not destroy your floor because the non-marring leg tips ensure that it suspends your bodyweight entirely.


  • Easy to store
  • Strong hence durable
  • Protects your floor
  • Steel does not rust


  • Steel can rust if exposed to excessive moisture

​2. Odyssey Trek Portable Light Weight Camping Bam Lounger 

This is a great seat for someone who is on a hike or camp. You can fold the chair into a well-compressed structure. Thus, you can carry the chair easily.

This chair is also light. It will not be heavy even as you carry other luggage either on your back or in the back of your car. It saves you energy and space. Also, heavier people can sit on the chair without breaking it even though it is light.

The chair’s legs are aluminum made which makes it more stable and strong to last longer.

Assembling this chair is easy. In fact, it takes a few seconds in setting up the chair.


  • Light
  • You can use the chair for outdoor events such as camping
  • Assembling the chair is easy
  • Can hold heavy weights
  • You can sit in the chair for longer periods because the chair is comfortable


  • Short people can have a hard time sitting on the chair because the chair has high legs
  • Velcro wrap strap is not long enough, It can snap if not properly handled

3. Coleman Oversized Quad Chair with Cooler

This is a good folding chair for campers.

The Coleman folding chair is comfortable and has several added features that make it unique. For instance, you can place a bottle of water in the cup holder so you do not have to keep holding it during rest.

It also features arms that you adjust according to your preference and a store in which you can keep books and magazines.

The seat is sturdy. However, do not allow the weight of more than 300lbs on it. Otherwise, it will break.

Additionally, the manufacturer uses heavy-duty steel to make it durable.


  • Durable
  • It is light but can accommodate heavier weights
  • Adjustable arms
  • Storage facilities provide comfort
  • It comes with a storage bag


  • Arms break if not properly handled

4. Flex One Folding Chair, Black/Silver, 4-Pack

You can buy these chairs for your office. It ensures maximum comfortability when you sit on them. This is because they use plastic mesh to make the chair that conforms to the shape of your body.

Therefore, the seat can hold heavy weights of up to 1000lbs. So, sit with no fear of it breaking.

It is also wide which adds to more comfort and you have to sit for longer without wishing you could sit on the floor.


  • Comfortable
  • Can handle heavy weights for long
  • Steel frame which makes it hard to rust
  • Can be used for long
  • Very firm


  • It breaks if you put more weight on the seat (than recommended)

5. Tommy Bahama Backpack Beach Chairs with One Medium Tote Bag

During summer, when I am out swimming at the beach, I need to rest for a while and enjoy the heat from the sun before I can jump into the water again.

Therefore, I bought this folding chair for beach purposes.

The chair is comfortable and made with shoulder pads that keep your shoulder area comfortable during use. You can also adjust the seat according to your preference.

It also features a pouch that you can put your cell phone, your cup, and a towel storage facility.

The chair is light, and it will not take so much space in your car trunk.


  • Have storage facilities for your phone and towel
  • Light
  • Takes less space when folded
  • Shoulder pads make it comfortable
  • Colorful


  • New users can find it difficult to fold
  • Small for plus size people

6. Summit Rocker

This chair works perfectly for campers. You can simply relax on this chair and even fall asleep while sitting and rocking on it.

This chair will rock you to sleep. Also, the whole seat is padded thus increases comfortability while on it. That is something that will make you shop for it.

The seat is also durable, and you can use it in any weather. Do not worry about rust forming on any of its parts.

This also makes it easy to wipe off any dirt that sticks on the chair.

It can support up to 300lbs of weight.


  • Perfect for outdoor events
  • Its rocking ability increases comfortability
  • Suitable for every type of weather
  • Fully padded
  • Light


  • It has place to hold your drink
  • It has no straps to keep it covered during storage

7. HERCULES Series 800 lb. Capacity Premium White Plastic Folding Chair

This seat is suitable for events. You can let your guests enjoy sitting on these seats for whichever party or event you have. They will be comfortable, and you will not hear anyone complaining of any back pain at the end.

You can easily clean them if they get dirty during any event. They are also durable because the steel frame used makes this chair strong.

You can also let heavier people sit on it. This is because the chair can hold up to 800lbs of weight. It is also easy to fold and carry.


  • Folds easily
  • Clean the chair is not a piece of work
  • Steel frame protects the chair from rust
  • Suitable for occasions
  • Plus size people can use the chair


  • The seat is short hence unsuitable for a dining room setting
  • The chair is not padded

8. NPS Fabric Upholstered Premium Folding Chairs (Pack of 4)

If you have guests coming over to your home, then you would not go wrong when you buy these folding chairs.

The 4 chairs can help accommodate the extra number of visitors at your home.

They have a contoured back to keep your back comfortable. Nobody complains of any back pain after sitting on the chairs for long.

The seats are durable, and you can use them in your offices as well.

This chair is also a good example of a strong and stable chair that will not break easily. Also, when you sit on it do not worry if you are going to fall since the seat has cross-shaped braces that keep the seat secure.


  • The chair is sturdy. They do not break easily
  • They are aesthetic. They can match your interior décor
  • Its contoured back prevents a backache
  • Can hold plus sized people without breaking
  • Suitable for use on a dining table


  • It can bend if you put excess weight on them

9. Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Clicker Crab Folding Beach Chair for Kids

This chair is specially made for children. They can also enjoy some freedom on these chairs.

The chair features colors that will obviously make your child feel comfortable. The chair is also durable and has one cup holder in which you can store the kid’s drink.

You can use this chair both for internal and external applications. The legs have plastic pads that will not hurt any floor.

Additionally, the fabric used will last longer.


  • It has colors that the child will like
  • Its fabric can stay for long
  • 1 cup holder
  • It has padded feet
  • Recommended for both outdoor and indoor use


  • Recommended for both outdoor and indoor use
  • It is easy for a child to flip because of a small base

10. Kijaro Dual Lock Chair

This is an excellent option for an outdoor event such as a sporting event. In fact, carry them for any sporting event or hike.

These folding chairs are easy to carry since the manufacturers provide a carrying bag which you can carry the folded chair on your back. These bags provide easy storage and ensure that your chair is safe.

You can also choose to carry with a strap hence very convenient for hikers as well.

The chair features 2 cup holders for storing your drinks or beverages even as you talk with your friends.

Your back can experience some fresh air, just like the rest of the body, because the back section is made from mesh. Thus, air comes in through them and hits your back. This also increases comfort.

The chair is stable as it can accommodate up to 300lbs of weight.


  • It comes with a carriage bag to help you carry with ease
  • It is light
  • It has two cup holders
  • The mesh increases comfortability
  • The mesh increases comfortability


  • The mesh increases comfortability
  • It makes some weird noises when you sit on it hence not as firm as you would expect it to be

How To Use

See to it that you fold them back to your store after use. People make a mistake of leaving them open after use. This makes it lose its quality.

Depending on the material used, ensure that you store it in a place where there are minimum dust and moisture. Moisture can make can make the chair rust while dust can permanently stick on the chair making it a job to clean it.


And that, my friends, is a combination of the best folding chairs we have in the market.

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