The Best Cooling Pillow Of 2017: 5 Reviews And Ultimate Guide

When it’s hot outside, it can be very hard to fall asleep, and it doesn’t help if your pillow feels hot and stuffy too. There are many brands that have addressed this problem by creating cooling pillows.

A cooling pillow is designed specifically to prevent heat from getting trapped in the pillow and cool your body’s natural temperatures. Since cooling pillows can be more of an investment than traditional pillows, it’s important to make sure you are getting the best one for your needs.


In this article, we’ll give you tips to help choose a cooling pillow, as well as our reviews of the top cooling pillows available.

**Below, you'll find our reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

Benefits of Having A Cooling Pillow

There are many benefits to having a special cooling pillow instead of a traditional pillow. The most obvious benefit is that it keeps you feeling cool in the summer months when it is very hot outside and you may feel as if you are overheating. It saves you from having to continuously flip or change your pillows, because the pillow will maintain its temperature.

However, there is another major benefit to having a cooling pillow, and that is that it will actually keep your pillow comfortably warm in the winter too. This is because cooling pillows are designed to insulate, so they feel nice no matter what temperature it is outside.

In general, a good cooling pillow will help improve your sleep quality, which can lead to many other benefits in your daily life. For example, when you sleep better, you will be more alert during the day, and you’ll be less likely to contract any illnesses. You’ll also likely fall asleep much faster, which will help you maintain a better sleep cycle - something that is always beneficial for your health.

Who Should Invest In A Cooling Pillow?

Virtually anyone can have and appreciate the positive benefits that a cooling pillow provides, but there are some people who might enjoy it more than others.

If you find that you tend to run hot or that you sweat a lot during the night, a cooling pillow will help keep this at bay. If you struggle with insomnia in general (even if it isn’t related to temperature), you may want to consider a cooling pillow because it will help you relax.

Additionally, cooling pillows tend to provide extra support for your neck and spine, so if you struggle with chronic pain, injuries, or muscular imbalances, a cooling pillow is a good way to help reduce that.

How To Choose A Cooling Pillow

There are a few things you should consider when shopping for a cooling pillow. The first thing to consider is the materials used in the cooling pillow. Each material works differently to maintain a cool temperature as you sleep.

Most cooling pillows have either a strip of gel, cooling beads, or memory foam infused with cooling gel. You’ll want to consider the structure of the pillow to make sure that it adequately maintains a cool temperature and that it will not trap heat.

Each brand and model of pillow has a unique structure, so you’ll want to make sure you thoroughly understand exactly how it works before making a purchase.

You’ll also want to pay attention to the thickness of the pillow. Everyone has their own preferences for how thick they like their pillows, and these preferences tend to depend on the position in which you sleep.

A thicker pillow will support the natural contours of your neck if you sleep on your side or back, while a medium to thin pillow is a better option if you like to sleep on your back. You’ll also want to consider the firmness of the pillow. Again, this is something that everyone has their own personal preferences about. Check when making a purchase to ensure that the thickness will suit your needs.

Top 5 Best Best Cooling Pillow Reviews

**Below, you'll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

We’ve selected five of the best cooling pillows to review. Each pillow has pros and cons, but all are good options for anyone seeking a more comfortable night’s sleep.

1. Sleep Restoration Gel Pillow

These gel pillows are an all-around great upgrade to your traditional pillow, no matter what type of sleeper you are.This pillow is constructed from a gel fiber.

Fiber pillows are ideal because they are very breathable and they are more environmentally friendly than memory foam. The gel is infused throughout the pillow to keep your head cool no matter how you move throughout the night.

These pillows also stay put throughout the night, so you’ll maintain a comfortable sleeping position.

These pillows are also very durable, as they are designed to be resistant to mold, mildew, and dust, as well as staining and fading. They are machine washable, so it is easy to keep them clean and in good condition.

Customers find that the pillow is very supportive and keeps the neck and head in a good position throughout the night. They feel pleasantly soft, and because they are not made of memory foam, they have no odor. They are on the thicker side and feel very fluffy, so if you like a firm pillow, these may not be for you, but otherwise, they are very effective.

The one downside is that they do sink a bit over time because of their soft construction. However, they can still easily be moved into a comfortable position.


  •  The pillows are very durable and easy to clean.
  •  The soft, fluffy texture is very comfortable and soothing.
  •  Gel material is dispersed throughout the entire pillow, preventing heat from getting in.


  •  The soft texture of the pillow may not work well for everyone. Over time, you might notice some sinking.

2. Coop Home Goods Pillow

This pillow is constructed from shredded memory foam visco elastic memory foam, which not feels very comfortable to sleep on and supports the head nicely. Because the memory foam is shredded, it gives a cooling effect and keeps air flowing through the pillow.

This company also uses only Certi-pur memory foam, which is made using the most environmentally friendly practices available. It comes with a lightweight bamboo cover, and the entire pillow is hypoallergenic and dust resistant. It is also machine washable and easy to clean.

This pillow is fairly dense, so it is very supportive, so it will keep your head in alignment if you are a side sleeper. Because the memory foam is shredded, you can adjust the shape of the pillow to fit your needs, or even remove some of the memory foam if you prefer a pillow that is slightly softer.

The pillow is very effective for back sleepers as well. It is very well-constructed and will last a long time - you don’t have to worry about the pillow breaking down or leaking. One downside to this pillow is that it does have a very industrial smell when you first receive it. This is typical with memory foam, and you can air the pillow out to remove the smell.


  •  The shredded memory foam is easy to move around and keeps the pillow feeling cool.
  •  It has very durable construction that will last a long time.
  •  It works well for different types of sleepers.


  •  It has a memory foam odor when you first receive it.

3. Cr Sleep Reversible Memory Foam Gel Pillow

This pillow is constructed for both support and temperature control, with a layer of cooling gel on one side and memory foam on the other side. The gel effectively disperses heat from your body throughout the pillow, so that you feel nice, cool, and relaxed.

It is also designed to support the neck and head and relieve chronic pain, and you’ll find that the memory foam provides very comfortable support. The pillow is also anti-microbial, so it stays very clean and healthy.

The pillow is very firm and thick, so it provides tons of neck support for those who sleep on their side or stomach. Athough the memory foam does contour to your head, it holds its shape very well once you’ve settled in for the night. It does not move around as you sleep, allowing you to have a more productive rest.

It is exceptionally cooling, so it is ideal for those who run very hot at night. Because it is memory foam, it may have an odor when you first purchase it, but that will fade with time.


  •  This pillow is very effective for keeping you cool at night.
  •  The memory foam construction is thick and supportive, ideal for chronic pain sufferers.


  •  You may notice a memory foam odor upon initial purchase.

4. Perfect Cloud Dual Option Cooling Gel Memory Foam Pillow

This pillow also features one side that is a gel layer and one side that is a memory foam layer. It provides both support and a strong cooling effect for your head. It conforms to the head very well, which creates a cradling feeling as you sleep and reduces neck and spinal pain.

This pillow has a gusseted siding with ventilation holes, which increases the airflow through the pillow even more to keep you cool. This also helps keep dust from building up in the pillow, so it is hypoallergenic.

This pillow is very effective for sleepers with neck pain, because it has a medium level of firmness that provides support for your body while still maintaining a comfortable, cloud-like feeling.

It works for both side and back sleepers as well. It is more flexible than other memory foam pillows, so if you like a pillow that completely stays put throughout the night, this may not be the best choice for you.


  •  Extra ventilation holes and a gel layer keep the pillow feeling extremely cool.
  •  It is very supportive for all different types of sleepers.
  •  The pillow is hypoallergenic for those that suffer from allergies.


  •  This pillow is quite flexible, and may not hold its shape throughout the night.

5. Z Shredded Gel Infused Memory Foam Pillow

This pillow is made from a unique construction of gel-infused memory foam that has been shredded. This makes it extremely effective for maintaining a cool temperature, because not only is the material itself cooling, but the shredded construction also makes it easier for air to pass through the pillow.

The shredded foam is easy to move around and conform to the shape of your body. It comes with a soft, comfortable bamboo cover that is very easy to wash.

These pillows are quite dense, so they provide good support for your neck and spine. They are a bit smaller than some other memory foam pillows available, so if you prefer a larger, wider pillow, you may want to opt for something different. However, the small size also means that you can easily travel with it, something that is very beneficial for those who get very attached to their pillows.


  •  Gel-infused shredded memory foam keeps everything cool and ensures that air flows through.
  •  The dense construction supports your head and neck nicely.


  •  The small size and density of this pillow isn’t ideal for those who like a soft support.


Each of these cooling pillows is effective for not just keeping you cool at night, but also supporting your head comfortably. If you struggle to stay cool at night, try using these pillows to get more comfortable.

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