10 Best Bathroom Faucets Of 2017: Reviews And Ultimate Guide

Building a new home is expensive. When buying new items for the house, you need to consider high-quality pieces of equipment so that they can stay longer.

Buying bathroom faucets is confusing because you have a myriad of choices that you can choose from.


If you are looking for the best faucets, then this is the right article for you. We have done enough research to find the best bathroom faucets in the market, their pros, and cons, choosing the best and everything else you may need when buying the best faucets.

**Below, you'll find our reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

Choosing the Best Bathroom Faucet

Apart from letting water flow from it, faucets play a huge role in enhancing the design of your bathroom.As earlier mentioned, these bathroom faucets need time and research before purchasing the best fit for you.

So when you are desperately looking for a faucet, what will you exactly be looking for?


A good faucet will change the way your bathroom looks. Therefore, it is crucial that you pick one that will enhance the look of your home.

You can even pick a faucet that matches with everything in the room. This will make the bathroom aesthetical.

Consider the faucet’s finish. There are many types of finish available in the market. As you select, make sure that it is a quality design.


Faucets vary in price. Consider how much you aim at using while buying our preferred faucet. This is because faucets vary according to design, the finish and the technology used to make it.

For instance, Hands-free faucets are expensive compared to other models that you have to twist the handle when turning on and off.


Different designs are available in the market. For instance, the hands-free faucet is increasingly becoming popular in many homes and hotels. These faucets consist of motion sensors that can turn the faucet on and off automatically.

Take some time to know how often you are going to use the faucet. For instance, when choosing a faucet for your children’s bathroom, it may require choosing one that can withstand the pressure of breaking. Children are curious and playful, and they may end up pulling the faucet out.


There are many types of faucets. Therefore, you must consider the number of holes that the sink may have before purchasing one. You cannot buy a single hole faucet for a center set faucet

Ensure that the faucets can configure to the type of sink that you have.

Types of Bathroom Faucets

Single-Hole Faucets

These faucets are suitable for small sinks. The spout and the handle have one lever that they join to. These faucets usually use a single-holed sink.

The faucet regulates both cold and hot water from the same lever.

Widespread Mounts

These faucets are bigger than the other three types. They consist of one spout and two handles. The handles are 8 inches apart from each other. This is the actual standard distance for many of these faucets.

You can also find smaller versions of these widespread mounts. The handles are 4 inches apart.

Center-set faucets

These come in two dimensions. They can either have a single lever or have two handles. The two handle Center-set faucets have the handles on a single plate. The plate is 6 inches big. These faucets are ideal for a 3-hole sink.

Wall Mount Faucets

You mount this faucet on the wall. This is contrary to the ones that you stick on the sink counter. They have longer spouts that can reach into the bowl of the sink.

Benefit of Bathroom Faucets

  • Bathroom faucets help to enhance the look of your bathroom. A high-quality faucet may even increase the value of your home
  • With the advance in technology, these faucets make work easier especially for people who have disabled individuals in their homes. They can use a touch less faucet with ease because it does not require contact of any kind.
  • Wall mount faucets are easy to clean. You can also clean the sink’s back area without having distractions from the wall mount faucets.
  • Most of these faucets are easy to use. They do not need any theory to understand how to use them. In fact, with upgrades in technology, these faucets are now becoming simpler to use.
  • Faucets can also regulate the amount of water flowing from it. Therefore, you do not worry about water loss.

Best Way of Using Bathroom Faucets

You need to take care of your faucets properly to prevent damage or corrosion problems. Additionally, the way you clean it matters. For instance, different types of bathroom faucets require different methods of cleaning.

Therefore, it is crucial that you know from the manufacturer the best way to clean the faucet.

It is advisable that you use non-abrasive brushes when cleaning the faucets. Hard brushes can be tough on the faucet. You can also use a toothbrush to clean the faucets. Use plain water and vinegar.

However, many manufacturers dictate on the warranty the best solution to clean depending on the particular type of finish used.

Always clean the faucet. Do not let water spots and fingerprints to build up as these may damage the faucet’s finish. You can polish the faucets after some few weeks of use.

Controversial Questions Answered

Most people wonder how they can increase the water pressure for their bathroom faucet.

Most of the time calcium, lime, and other particles may build up in the faucet. Another common problem with the aerator is that you can be using a clogged aerator. Simply remove the aerator and soak it vinegar for a few hours. The vinegar removes all the debris present in the aerator.

You can also check the shut-off mechanisms under the skin. If they are not fully open, then the debris inside them can cause the low-pressure problem.

Top 10 Best Bathroom Faucets Reviews

**Below, you'll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

This bathroom faucet is durable. You will use it for years because the nickel finish prevents it from becoming dull or tarnishing.

The faucet is long enough however, it will not splash water outside the sink. It requires one hole for installation. You can easily turn the handle when turning the water temperature from hot to cold.


  • Easy installation
  • Durable
  • Easy to maintain
  • The faucet is long enough
  • Water can stream out of the faucet at a high pressure


  • Installation manual is only for professional plumbers
  • Water spots stick on the faucet. This it is difficult to clean

Manufacturers use stainless steel for the material and brushed nickel for the finish. These two materials do a great job to ensure that the faucet stays longer even when you to touch the faucet frequently. No corrosion forms on the faucet.

The faucet is for a 1 hole installation. Therefore, it is easy to install. Additionally, you can control how water flows through the spout with ease.


  • Easy installation
  • You can control flow of hot and cold water
  • Durable
  • Easy to maintain


  • It is small

This bathroom faucet is good looking. Therefore, it gives an elegant look for your bathroom. The metal used to manufacture the faucet is metal

Manufacturers use brushed nickel as the finish. Cleaning and maintaining the faucet is easy. This is because the faucet does not allow build up of water spots and fingerprints. Additionally, it has two handles and will require 3 holes for installation.


  • Easy to clean
  • Durable
  • Aesthetic
  • Does not easily break because it is made of metal
  • Water flows out the faucet smoothly

This faucet uses two handles. Therefore, it is easy to change the temperature flowing through the faucet. It is easy to install the faucet. You simply mount the faucet on top of the sink.

Manufacturers use brushed nickel for the faucet’s finish, thus, protects the faucet from corrosion.


  • Will not corrode
  • Installation process takes a few minutes
  • Its valve does not leak


  • Some water settles on the spouts opening since it is not angled to face downwards

This two-handle centerset faucet is attractive. It has a chrome finish that adds to the elegance of your bathroom. In addition, the faucet glitters especially when the lights are on.

Most people do not like the fact that most faucets will waste a lot of water during streaming. This faucet helps to minimize wastage. It is a small version centerset design that needs 3 holes for installation. The holes should be 4 inches apart.


  • It has a good design
  • The finish shines
  • It saves a lot of water unlike other faucets
  • Two handles make it easy to adjust water temperature
  • You can buy the chrome, bronze and the nickel designs. All these make it difficult to corrode


  • The faucet can corrode from the inside. This makes it hard to turn the handles

Aerated water flows from the faucet. This water is good for cleaning. Also, water is not wasted as this bathroom faucet from Moen saves up water.

It has 2 handles and a fairly longer spout. This spout will give your bathroom a vintage look. It is also easy to install the faucet.


  • You can install the faucet easily
  • The faucet glitters
  • Efficient water flow to prevent wastage
  • Does not corrode
  • Aesthetic


  • The color of the drain is not the same as for the faucet

This wall mount faucet has an ideal nickel finish that protects the faucet from corrosion water spots and fingerprints. The finish stays for long.

Manufacturers use solid brass to make the faucet. This makes it strong hence; it is hard for it break. The two handles are 8 inches apart. The spout is 8.4 inches in length.


  • The spout is long
  • Strong brass construction makes it difficult to break
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Water flow rate is the standard 1.2gpm thus does not cause water wastage


  • The faucet may take a long time to fill any jar or tub
  • It leaks if not properly installed

This is a wall mount faucet with two handles that are 8 inches apart from each other.

You can place your soap on top of the faucet. This is because it comes with a soap dish that you can use to place the soap safely.


  • Has an additional soap dish
  • Handles are easy to turn
  • It has a long spout


  • Soap placed on the soap dish may cause unnecessary stains
  • Soap dish is also loose and slides with slight touch

This faucet is good for use by people who have disabilities. This faucet consists of two handles fitted on 3 holes for installation. The holes are 4 inches apart.

This faucet will conserve a lot of water, as the flow rate is 1.2gpm. This faucet will also give your bathroom a modern look as it has a chrome finish.


  • The chrome finish glitters and prevents corroding of the faucet
  • Effective for use for everyone
  • Conserves water
  • It is aesthetic


  • Water flows out of the faucet with some irritating noise

The faucet produces different LED lightings on it to show different water temperatures. For instance, red light means hot, blue light means cold and green means warm/cool.

This faucet has a long spout with a chrome finish that makes it attractive.

You may wonder whether the faucet uses a battery to produce the lightings. It actually does not. It is environment conservative in nature and saves a lot of energy.


  • It is aesthetical
  • Chrome finish makes it durable
  • Water does not have any toxins
  • Shows different lightings for different water temperature
  • Spout is 7 inches long


  • Water splashes off the sink because of the spout’s size


A good bathroom faucet that has a good design will make your bathroom a room that no one wants to leave.

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