5 Best Bamboo Sheets Reviews: The Perfect Buyer’s Guide (2017)

When we contemplate about a bamboo, we hardly ever term it as 'soft'. They are mostly known to be supple, dense and perfect for use in the making of hardy objects. But bamboo sheets? This seems like a bed of nails.

In the recent past, bamboo sheets have become quite popular thanks to their high quality, antifungal, and temperature regulating properties. Their woven nature that results to a soft, anti-allergenic luxury during sleep cannot go without notice.


Bamboo sheets are with no doubt some of the highest quality sheets available on the market today. They carry with them an incredible of benefits.

**Below, you'll find our reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

Benefits of Having A Bamboo Sheets

Offers Comfortable Temperature As You Sleep

Bamboo sheets have a moisture wicking trait that performs magic throughout the night. During the freezing and hot nights, the comfort layers keep you warmer and cooler respectively. The sheet`s wicking properties allow them to draw excess moisture from the body to the outer side of the sheets.

They Are Silky, Soft and More Comfortable

Their opulent soft nature is a sole factor to influence your choice of buying bamboo sheets. No matter how many times they are cleaned and dried, how old they are, bamboo sheets never turn coarse as they remain very soft and light.

They Are Organic In Nature

Bamboo plants grow naturally in the forest without the need of pesticides or other chemicals. Its roots are not cut and are most of the times pruned during harvest to allow for another season's growth. This makes them a perfect option to make sheets since they are eco-conscious.

Have Antimicrobial Characteristics

The luxury bamboo sheets carry along antibacterial properties and germ resistance qualities that make them more suitable for our health. They are critical in the prevention of bacterial infections that lead to seasonal infections like colds.

They Are Mite Resistant

Mites and bedbugs are essential restrictors of comfortable sleep during the nights. Some people try to use powders to kill them but to no avail. But have you ever tried bamboo sheets? The sheet's allergen resistance helps in killing the mites and as a result assures a comfortable sleep.

Stain Resistant

If you have ever laid your hands on the bamboo sheets, their ability to resist stains is one of the things you didn’t fail to notice. Be they a stain from oily skins, blood stains or dirt stains. Bamboo sheets can resist all.

How To Take Care Of The Bamboo Sheets

Cleaning is the only sure way to prolong the life of your bamboo sheets. When properly cleaned, the sheets remain soft with well-maintained resilience. It is hence important that users understand how to clean the bamboo sheets properly to maintain their heirloom levels and keep them more beautiful. Here are a few tips:

• Clean With Cold Water

Like it’s a norm for most fabrics, bamboo sheets respond well to cold water when compared to hot water. Warm water causes deterioration of the sheets making them seem to be of lower quality. The only exception to other sheets is the fact that you are required to clean the sheets using warm water immediately after purchase to facilitate a little shrinking to correct sizes.

• Gentle Drying

You can opt for the natural drying option of the sun or choose a clothes dryer. For the latter choice, use the gentlest setting on the sheet to avoid compromising on its quality.

• When Cleaning Combine the Related Colors

It is a no-brainer that you have to consider the color of the fabrics when cleaning them to avoid staining. Always wash white clothes exclusively.

• Don't Clean Using Rough Materials

When washed with rough materials, the sheets can pull-off, a situation that leads to extra replacement cost.

• No Softeners Are Required

The bamboo sheets are naturally soft hence don’t need fabric softeners to wash.

• Rely On Natural Removers To Handle Atains

Natural stain removers combined with natural cleaners is the best ingredient to handle bamboo sheets. A good example is a blend of white vinegar and water. The little combo is the best combination to remove natural stains.

Factors To Consider When Buying The Sheets

Before you buy the bamboo sheets, it is advisable that you put some factors into consideration. Some of them include:

• The measurements- It may seem more than obvious, but the size of the bed sheets you require is a critical factor to put into consideration before making any purchases. You can choose from the king size options or standard size depending on your needs.

• The color- Color matches are critical in ensuring elegance is maintained in the bedroom. With many color options to choose from, you can pick one that best matches your curtain colors or room paintings just to avoid color crashing.

• Nature of sheets- Bamboo sheets come in preshrunk or regular sizes. The preshrunk is always a good option since you don’t require washing them to fit your beds. But if you need the sheets for queen size beds, you can settle for standard sizes since they require little shrinking.

• The price- Regardless of what you need to purchase, the price is always a key factor to put into consideration. Buying overly expensive sheets and failing to settle basic needs beats up logic. It is hence imperative for you to consider your budget and the price of the sheets before purchasing them.

Where To Buy The Sheets

The location where you can get the sheets is always a challenge for most buyers. But a little scour through the net will lead you to reliable online sites for the same. The sheets are also available in stores for easier purchasing.

With all that said which bamboo sheets are the best? Below we review five of the best sheets available in the market today.

Top 5 Best  Bamboo Sheets Reviews

**Below, you'll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

1. Royal Home Decor Embroidered Microfiber Deep Pocket Sheet Set (Cal King, Peach)

Rating: 4.6/5.0

Whether you want the twin size, queen, or king with a blend of several colors, the Royal Decor is a perfect choice in the market today. Like most sheets, they offer that fresh feeling during the nights and add a touch of comfort all along.

The sheets are made of approximately 300 threads to help create a sturdy yet light fabric. They are easy to adjust to the current room temperature, thanks to their winking property. 

These sheets are made from very smooth fabric that is hypoallergenic making it a perfect choice for the people that are sensitive to chemicals. In the set, you get one flat sheet, one fitted sheet, and twin pillow cases.


  • Easy care precautions. You can machine-wash the fabric but with the use of cold water and drying on low heat amounts.
  • The sheets incorporate perfect wicking and absorbent properties
  • With each washing, the sheets are softer and as a result become more comfortable
  • They are stable thanks to their breathable and anti-allergenic natures


  • Don’t allow for bleaches just in case you want to handle stubborn stains

2. Bené Bedding 600 Thread Count 100% Cotton Sheet Set, Luxury Collection (King, White)

Rating: 5.0/5.0

With several color options to choose from, Bene bedding is one of the best bamboo sheets. They carry a pretty soft and eco-friendly nature and are crafted from bamboo rayons. They are designed from 250 threads that make them more luxurious fabric. Like other bamboo sheets, Bene beddings have moisture wicking properties to regulate temperature efficiently.

The sheets can fit any bed size depending on which portion you choose.

They comprise of fitted sheets that measure 78” by 80” by 15” respectively, a flat sheet of 108 by 106 inches and 'twin queen size' pillowcases each of 20 by 40 inches.

The sheets are designed from 100% bamboo rayon bringing forth the silky soft and breathable fabrics. If you have sensitive skin, you don’t have to worry yourself too much. The sheets feature round fibers that create soft fabrics. Their design and elasticity create a smooth yet secure fit for all mattress sizes below 14 inches.


  • Offers an annual round comfort regardless of the season
  • They are readily available at pocket-friendly prices
  • They are of soft, silky and light nature


  • When over washed, they wrinkle and get a bad appearance
  • Getting the king size sheets is hard

3. SSResort Bamboo Sheets by Cariloha - 4 Piece Bed Sheet Set - Luxurious Sateen Weave - 100% Viscose From Bamboo Bedding (California King, Caribbean Mint)

Rating: 4.6/5.0

To enjoy a peaceful and comfortable night’s sleep inside fade resistant and big bed sheets, the resort bamboo sheets by Cariloha is the best choice for you. The sheets have solid stitching to prevent any wear and tear, meaning that they can last for many years.

The mite and dust resistance in the sheets helps in repelling of allergens and are hence a good choice for allergic people. Another piece of cake from the sheets is the high-end wicking properties that make it a first class choice for temperature preservation.


  • It is machine washable to ease the washing process
  • Resist wrinkles and is hence environmental friendly
  • It is made to last long thanks to its sturdy stitches


  • Few complaints here and there are heard of the pillow cases having lost threads
  • It stains faster when compared to other bamboo sheets

4. Classic Bamboo Sheets by Cariloha - 4 Piece Bed Sheet Set - Softest Bed Sheets and Pillow Cases - Lifetime Protection (Queen, Ivory)

Rating: 4.7/ 5.0

The silky soft fabrics used in making the classic Cariloha sheets are the key contributors to the sheets soft and comfortable nature. They are green in color, a feature that makes them good looking and easy to match with your room interiors.

Just like most of the bamboo sheets, the Cariloha sheets have that breathable, hypoallergenic nature for the chemical sensitive lots. They as well carry the moisture-wicking properties that help absorb moisture from the body, making your night sleep more comfortable. 

Though they are of a higher price when compared to other bamboo sheets, they are quite worth your bucks. The sheets are of high-quality, hence reducing trips to the stores for the replacement thanks to their strong stitches.


  • Very comfortable in all seasons
  • Ideal for people with allergies
  • They are environmentally friendly
  • Are easy to clean and iron


  • No bleach hence easily stained

5. Supreme Quality Bamboo Bed Sheets by Bamboo Tranquility - 4 Piece Bed Sheet Set (Queen, Ivory)

Rating: 4.5/ 5.0

Supreme sheets are soft yet durable and comfortable. They boast of manufacture from the finest fibers, hence prone to last longer and are more silky and luxurious.

The sheets are proven to carry the antifungal and antibacterial properties thanks to their natural source and are hence a perfect choice for allergic people. 

They have multiple micro gaps that help enhance their moisture wicking ability and revive breathability and as a result assuring a comfortable sleep. These sheets have an inclusion of sateen with 300 and more weavings to make them sturdier and even more attractive.


  • They can accommodate regular washes of up to twice a week to make them even softer
  • They smell nice and look pretty
  • Their wicking properties enhance comfort during the day and nights regardless of the season


  • They are relatively expensive when compared to other choices
  • Can be a little bit clingy due to their thinness and light nature


In summary, it is more than clear that bamboo sheets carry if not similar, almost same properties. But which one can we rank as the ultimate best? After a sneak through of the reviews by previous users and considering its strong, durable and high ratings, Bene beddings 600 is my best sheet.

They are soft in nature with a breathability potential that is above average. For the allergic, the sheets feature antibacterial and antifungal properties that help keep them in good health. Their wicking is also perfect and can match all conditions in every season. Most importantly, they are cheap and easily accessible. But all in all, every bamboo sheet carry its own unique characteristic not present in the others.

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