5 Best Baby Mobile: A Trusted Buyer’s Review Of 2017

It takes great effort to keep your baby calm. They will always be restless trying to find something to do. One of the best ways to keep your child calm and entertained and distracted is by getting them the best baby mobile. It is a perfect accessory that can give you a peace of mind during the crib time. A baby mobile is simply a rotating frame that supports well decorated hanging toys. It is placed in a baby’s crib to simulate and provide maximum entertainment.


**Below, you'll find our reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

Cognitive Development

A baby mobile also plays a significant role in encouraging the child’s development, especially during the early stages of life. Given that babies sleep on their back, putting the mobile over their face means that they will look at nothing else but the baby mobile.

The movements caused by the toy stimulate the child’s mind. Research done on childhood development has it that brain stimulation during the infancy period results in better physical performance during the later stages of life.

Regular brain stimulation also helps your baby to have a strong connection between the right and the left parts of the brain. This is a recipe for an excellent physical and mental growth for the baby. These and several other benefits are just some of the solid reasons that should make you consider getting a baby mobile.

However, with the many options of this accessory, how will you choose the right one? The matter is even complicated considering that every baby mobile maker out there claims their product is the best. Here are some useful tips that you can use to buy the right baby mobile.

Mounting Style

Baby mobiles come in two mounting styles: ceiling mounted and crib mounted. The ceiling-mounted mobiles are the oldest models in the market. Here the mobile is attached to the ceiling of the bedroom using a hook, although a screw that is drilled into a beam can also do the job. This style gives the baby mobile enough support though it will leave your ceiling with holes when you unhook it.

Most parents prefer the crib mounted baby mobiles probably because of the convenience and flexibility that they come with. All you need is to attach it to the crib rail, and there are no more complex installation procedures that you should follow.

Crib mounted mobile can support more weight than their ceiling mounted counterparts. This means that you can add as many toys as you want without worrying about its stability. When it comes to making a decision, consider going for the mounting style that will suit your needs


Before buying a baby mobile, have a look at its movement mechanism. Here, there are also two mechanisms that are used to propel the mobiles. They are either motorized or propelled naturally by the wind. The wind-propelled mobiles are super light. However, the indoor location of the crib does not favor them unless you install an oscillating fan in the room.

On the other hand, motorized mobiles only require you to push a button, and the whole system will be set in motion. For as long as you want. Some models come with timers, meaning that they can help you to conserve energy. Motorized motors also give you the freedom to choose the direction of movement.

Design and Theme

When it comes to selection, most parents want to choose a child mobile that will match with the color and interior design of the room. In such a case, the color pattern of the mobile should compliment with the walls and other accessories such as curtains and the ceiling. For the design, consider a mobile that the baby can see from any position.

Even while changing the diaper, your little one should be entertained by the mobile, and this will promote maximum cooperation.

Extra Accessories

The latest models of baby toys come with extra features and accessories. You can get one that has LED lights that can soothe the baby at night. Other designs come with night light which illuminates in different color patterns. It is also not rare to find a baby mobile that has portable stroller clips which makes it easy for you to travel with it.

Other extra features that the latest baby mobiles have, includes detachable toys and sound generators. Some other sophisticated mobiles come with remote controllers. Most parents find it difficult to make a selection based on these extra features. It is, therefore, advisable to test each feature and assess whether it will have any impact on your baby.

With all these features, which baby mobile is worth your money and your child? Below is a comprehensive review of the five top-rated baby mobiles in the market.

Top 5 Best Baby Mobile Reviews

**Below, you'll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

1. Tiny Love Soothe Groove Mobile Blue

This mobile has a multidimensional movement which is accompanied by a soft and soothing music. It can help your baby to sleep and at the same time stimulate their brain and the sense of hearing. Its design is made of three animal characters that are colorful and cheerful.

It allows you to choose your preferred soundtrack from the available 40-minute music collection. The music selection is mainly made up of jazz, classical music, sounds of different natural features and lullabies.

The baby mobile has 18 non-repeating songs that are divided into six different categories. There is also a child-friendly button for music. 

This means that your child can press it and listen to the tracks without asking for your help. This is a baby mobile that will grow with your child. You only need to make some modifications.


  •  The mobile is strong, sturdy and durable
  • Is a crib-mounted type hence to install
  • The multidimensional movement gives your baby with extra stimulation
  • Attractive design and colorful color pattern
  • The mobile’s music box is packed with melodies accompanied with natural sounds
  • The gadget is remote-controlled and comes with automatic timer shut-off


  • The mobile is quite heavy

2. Fisher-Price Precious Planet-2-in-1 Projection Mobile

The projection mobile heavily features the animal theme that is accompanied with sweet melodious music and a dancing light show. It is designed to look like a canopy, and the images are very close. Your baby will have a perfect view of everything that is on the canopy. Once your child becomes a little bit older, you can just remove the mobile and fix it on the ceiling.

Fisher Precious Planet Projection Mobile comes with three musical settings that will keep the room entertained. The classical lullabies range from Mozart Beethoven to Bach. It also comes with nature sounds.


  • Has a projector that projects all the animal images
  • There are plenty of adorable themes that you can choose from
  • It gives a soft soothing music
  • It is a remote-controlled baby mobile

  • Features lots of plastics that can easily get damaged if not handled carefully
  • The speakers tend to give out annoying noises after prolonged use

3. Manhattan Toy Wimmer-Ferguson Infant Stim-Mobile for Cribs

This is a simple and innovative baby mobile that can keep your baby entertained and boost their cognitive development. The mobile uses monochrome and contrasting images that encourage sensory development during the child’s early stages of life.

Infant-Stim comes with different cards that can be swapped to create a colorful spectrum. These cards are labeled according to age, and as a parent, you can easily choose the appropriate card depending on the age of your child.


  • This is a research-based baby mobile whose mechanism can have a direct impact on your baby’s development
  • Has easily adjustable mobile cords
  • Comes with an interchangeable card system that is based on your child’s age
  • The baby mobile is integrated with development toy line


  • The pictures are unstable, and the mobiles can easily detach from it

4. Skip Hp Moonlight and Melodies Projection Mobile

This is a nature and animal-themed baby mobile. It comes with sounds of nature, such as rainforest, jungle crickets, heartbeats and even water waves. These soothing sounds will entertain your child and relieve your stress.

These features are enhanced by elements of glowing leaves and images of rotating jungle animals. The baby mobile also has light fixtures and a wide selection of soothing music.


  • It is remote controlled
  • Comes with smooth sounds of nature that are soothing and entertaining
  • Rotates at the right speed and your baby won’t feel dizzy


  • The mobile tends to consume more electrical energy

5. Shiloh Deluxe Baby Plush Crib Mobile

Shiloh Deluxe Baby Plush Crib Mobile I comes with a unique design that is patented. Its body is made of ABS. This material will not have severe effects, in case a curious child chews it. It has beautiful hanging plush animals and rotates at a moderate speed that will not confuse the baby.

Some of the animal toys can even be separated to act as separate toys.


  • Comes in a variety of themes to choose from
  • Has plenty of songs and sounds that will entertain the baby. You can change these songs using the embedded buttons
  • It comes with an automatic shut-off system that stops it from playing after every 30 minutes


  • The spinning motor can be loud and annoying


As a parent, you should consider getting the right baby mobile. Before making any purchase, look at the various factors and check whether they will match with your child’s needs. Even with a plenty of choices, you will be able to make a wise decision by purchasing the best baby mobile.

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